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Why Us?

At ABC Drugs, we blend professional expertise with personalized care. Our Bronx-rooted legacy ensures not just top-grade medications, but also a plethora of convenience services — from Lotto to fax and copy facilities. And with free same-day delivery on all medications, your health needs meet unmatched convenience. Dive into a seamless pharmacy experience, where your well-being is our highest mission.

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Everyday Essentials & Services

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Prompt & Free Medication Delivery

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One-Stop Convenience Hub

Our Services

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Freestyle Libre©

Painless Approach

Have you heard of a painless (no prick) approach to monitoring your glucose levels? Check out Freestyle libre.  At ABC Drugs we will help you make the transition to the sensor that works (even through your clothes!) 

Visit us today to learn more!

OTC network

We can Help with Your OTC Needs

We are stocked with Over-the-counter products and ready to help you work with your provider to help you make the most of your OTC card.

Come in store today and let one of our expert team members assist you with your OTC needs.

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Dispill© Pill packaging

Better Organised Packaging

What is Dispill?

Dispill is a revolutionary pill packaging system that allows you to skip the pill bottles and have all your medications in one neatly organised package.  The packages are coded by day, separated by time of day and come pre prepared to last  you for 28 days.



Comprehensive Vaccination Services at ABC Drugs

ABC Drugs offers prompt and professional vaccination services. Trust our trained staff for your immunization needs, ensuring both your health and a safer community.

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Vaccination Services for Flu, COVID, and Influenza at Our Fordham Location

At ABC Drugs, your health is our priority. We offer fast and reliable vaccination services at our Fordham store, including seasonal flu, COVID-19, and Influenza A vaccines. Get protected and stay healthy with the help of our expert pharmacists. Join us in contributing to a healthier community—get vaccinated today!

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About Us?

Welcome to ABC Drugs — where your health and convenience converge. Nestled in the heart of the Bronx in “University heights and Fordham Road”, we have been a trusted beacon for the community since our establishment. Over the years, we've grown to be more than just a pharmacy; we are a comprehensive hub for health and everyday services.

Founded with a commitment to the well-being of our patrons, ABC Drugs is proud to offer a wide spectrum of services. From filling prescriptions with precision to offering a curated selection of ethnic beauty and wellness products, we ensure that your health needs are covered.

But that's not all. We understand the fast-paced nature of today's world. Hence, for your convenience, we have seamlessly integrated essential services like Lotto, fax and copy services, as well as bill pay right within our premises.

And, because we believe in going the extra mile, ABC Drugs is delighted to offer free same-day delivery on all medications. Whether you're at home or work, we make sure your medicines reach you on time, every time.

With a team of dedicated pharmacists and healthcare professionals who continuously strive to update their knowledge, we stand ready to provide expert advice and personalized attention.

Choosing ABC Drugs means becoming a part of a community where you're more than a customer – you're family. And in this family, your health and well-being always come first.

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